IFIEC Europe represents the interests of industrial energy users in Europe for whom energy is a significant component of production costs and a key factor of competitiveness in their activities in both Europe and throughout the world.

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IFIEC Europe-Press Release on COP 21

Real action to follow the Paris agreement is needed to combat global warming

Brussels, 14 December 2015 - IFIEC Europe, representing EU energy intensive manufacturing industry, sees the result of the Paris climate ageement as an important step for common action to combat global warming throughout the world. After 2 weeks of difficult negotiations, this result can give an important impulse for broader worldwide action against global warming, and consequently lead to a more level playing field for manufacturing industry in the different global competing regions. But, for the time being, this agreement is more a non-binding declaration of intention than a concrete action plan.

Please refer to the download-section for the whole content of the press release on COP 21 and don´t miss to take a look at our new video clip "Industry´s Support to Combat Global Warming" in the about us-section.