IFIEC Europe wants to secure competitive and sustainable energy systems (markets, infrastructures, access, taxation …) serving the needs of European Energy Intensive Industries.

IFIEC  Europe is an international non-profit association of scientific nature, established in 1989 and governed as association internationale sans but lucrative (aisbl) unter Belgian law with its premises in Brussels / Belgium.

IFIEC Europe represents the interests of industrial energy users in Europe for whom energy and climate policies are significant component of production costs and a key for competitiveness in their activities in both Europe and throughout the world.

IFIEC Europe was founded on the belief that competitive energy supply, responsible use of energy and consumer choice and flexibility, are the necessary ground rules for competitive and sustainable industrial activity in Europe.

A cross-sectoral organization

IFIEC Europe represents 12 national European associations that comprise - on a cross-sectoral level - those industrial sectors for which energy is a significant component of production costs. IFIEC´s membership represents a diverse set of industries including: aluminium, automobile, brewing, cement, chemical, copper, fertilizer, food, glas, industrial gases, metals, paper, pharmaceutical, plastics and steel.


IFIEC Europe is part of IFIEC World.

Mission Statement

IFIEC Europe´s mission is to secure competitive and sustainable energy systems (markets, infrastructures, access, taxation …) serving the needs of European  Energy Intensive Industries.


The objectives of IFIEC Europe are to:

  • ensure an open, transparent and competitive market for electricity and natural gas, based on well balanced and secured supply;
  • ensure choice and flexibility for industrial energy users to negotiate competitive conditions adapted to their differentiated consumer profiles in terms of supply load, continuity, flexibility, duration and price;
  • ensure regulated third party access to electricity and natural gas infrastructures under non-discriminatory and transparent conditions;
  • stimulate improved efficiency in the use of energy resources through cost-efficient opportunities and measures;
  • contribute to the reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gases within a framework that preserves industrial competitiveness.

IFIEC Europe has been nominated for the Energy Transparency Award 2013. The ETA is an event annually organised by the Florence School of Regulation to award the outstanding contribution of a company or an instituition to the transparency of energy markets in Europe. The selection committee stated:

"IFIEC – International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers, has been a major driving force for energy market liberalization and energy market transparency since the very beginning of the liberalization process in Europe, 25 years ago. IFIEC has been one of the most assertive supporters of customer choice, cross-border energy trade and well-functioning energy markets. Through open and consistent cooperation with national and EU authorities, regulators, traders and energy industry associations, IFIEC has actively contributed to increasing transparency of energy markets. IFIEC is a private, bottom-up initiative showing the importance of customers´self-organization and underlining the relevance of market efficiency and transparency not only at wholesale level, but also at retail level.“

IFIEC Europe is registered at the Transparency Register of the European Parliament and the European Commission with the identification number: 1978775156-31.

IFIEC Europe supports the European institutions setting up an ethical and transparent lobbying environment to achieve a sound framework for relations with interest representatives taking into account not to add any unappropriate administrative burdens for stakeholders or seeking confidential data, e.g. on financial matters. For further information please take a look on IFIEC´s response to the Commission´s consultation on the EU Transparency Register submitted 1 June 2016.


IFIEC Europe´s Manifesto from Europe´s manufacturing industry calls upon Heads of State to align the EU´s industry, energy and climate policies towards a new strategy with regulatory stability, consistency and predictability for industrial investment, innovation, growth and jobs in Europe.

Over 175 CEOs representing companies from 23 different countries with more than 1.2 million direct jobs and a cumulated turnover in the range of EUR 430 bn as well as several other associations and federations have supported this initiatve.

The Manifesto was presented at a press conference held on 27 Februar 2014 at the Hotel Silken Berlaymont in Brussels.



IFIEC Europe´s video clip "Industry´s Support to Combat Global Warming“ was published and presented during IE´s press conference at COP 21 in Paris on 2 December 2015.

COP 21 marks a decisive milestone to combat global warming effectively. IFIEC Europe is wishing for COP 21 in Paris success in delivering more global and better balanced climate change activities around the world. Manufacturing industry offers its support for a global combat against climate change.

Members from non governmental associations representing the energy consuming as well as self-generating industries of countries which are members of the European Union (EU) or of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) are eligible for membership.

If you want to become a member please contact IFIEC Europe´s Secretary General.

IFIEC Europe emerged from the combination of the second oil crisis and the feeling that those industrial sectors with high energy dependency needed a voice separate from that of general manufacturing. Their total energy usage and the fact that they were generally wholesale energy purchasers, meant they had greater interest in open markets. The European Commission was also becoming more pro-active under the Delor’s Presidency. One aspect being considered was the design of regulatory guidelines for the energy sector, so it appeared that there was a common interest.

Using existing contacts, Alain Mongon, then the senior adviser to the President of Rhone Poulenc, brought together national EU industrial sectors in France, Germany, Italy and UK with similar concerns. Their total energy usage justified the claim that together, these national federations’ could represent energy intensive industry across the then smaller European Union. This group came together to form IFIEC Europe in 1989 with the objective of working to propose the regulatory framework to provide open markets in energy supply.