PDF 23/06/2017 IE_Main suggestions on the Clean Energy Package Efficiency & Electricity
PDF 06/07/2016 IE Comments on The Interim Report of the Sector Inquiry on Capacity Mechanisms Electricity
PDF 30/05/2016 IE_Position on Demand Side Flexibility Electricity
PDF 09/02/2016 IE Response to EC Consultation on Preparation of Renewables Energy Directive II Electricity & Climate
PDF 12/10/2015 IE response to EC Consultation on a New Energy Market Design Electricity
PDF 13/05/2015 IFIEC Europe-press release on website relaunch Gas & Electricity & Climate
PDF 12/06/2014 Energy Forum 2014- WP Electricty – P Claes (IFIEC Europe) Electricity
PDF 05/06/2013 Energy Forum 2013- Electricity Session – P Claes (IFIEC Europe) Electricity Electricity
PDF 05/06/2013 Energy Forum 2013- Electricity Session – J P Jebsen (Norsk Hydro) Electricity Electricity
PDF 05/06/2013 Energy Forum 2013- Electricity Session – I Bernaerts (DG Energy) Electricity Electricity
PDF 29/04/2013 IE Response to EC Consultation on Environmental & Energy Aid Guidelines 2014-2020 Electricity
PDF 20/02/2013 IE response to Commission’s Consultation on Generation Adequacy – Press Release Electricity
PDF 07/02/2013 EC Consultation on Generation Adequacy Electricity
Powerpoint 19/06/2012 Energy Forum - Capacity mechanisms – presentation by P. CLAES ( IFIEC Europe ) Electricity
Powerpoint 19/06/2012 Energy Forum - The ENTSO – E experience – presentation by D. DOBBENI ( ENTSO – E ) Electricity Electricity
PDF 08/05/2012 Title IE Position on Capacity Payments Electricity
PDF 29/02/2012 Electricity Market Coupling response Electricity
Powerpoint 22/11/2011 Electricity Market by P. CLAES chairman of the Working Party Electricity Electricity
PDF 20/09/2011 Electricity Grid Operational Security Electricity Electricity
PDF 16/09/2011 Fundamental Electricity Transparency Electricity
PDF 15/07/2011 CEER power exchange response Electricity Electricity
PDF 10/06/2011 ACER capacity allocation response Electricity
PDF 30/12/2010 Electricity Market Design and Integration Electricity
PDF 10/11/2010 Response to ERGEG's CACM for electricity consultation Electricity Electricity
PDF 28/10/2010 IFIEC Europe & CEFIC response to ERGEG Transparency in Electriciity consult Electricity
PDF 10/09/2010 Response to the ERGEG Smart meter consultation Gas & Electricity
PDF 28/04/2010 Response to the CEER Consultation on Generation Adequacy Treatment Electricity
PDF 25/02/2010 IFIEC Europe response to the ERGEG Ten Year Electricity Network Development Plan Electricity
Powerpoint 14/12/2009 A "target model" on market integration from the perspective of industrial energy consumers - Florence Forum, Rome 10-11.12.09. Presentation by Dr Hans Gruenfeld, President of IFIEC Europe Electricity
Powerpoint 22/09/2009 Energy Forum 2009 - presentation by Mr Daniel DOBBENI President of ENTSO - E Electricity
PDF 30/06/2009 Response to the Draft Guidelines on Electricity Grid Connection and Access ( E08-ENM-09-03 ) Electricity
PDF 16/03/2009 ERGEG Balancing Mechanism response Electricity Electricity
PDF 30/12/2008 Response to the ERGEG Consultation on Implementing the Thirs Energy Package Electricity
PDF 10/11/2008 11 ERGEG ERI Converg final 10 11 08 Electricity
PDF 10/11/2008 IFIEC's response to ERGEG Consultation on Regulation 1228/2003 - Compliance Monitoring Second report, 10 September 2008 Electricity Electricity
PDF 04/11/2008 Address to ENEF III, Bratislava 04.11.08 by Dr Hans Gruenfeld, president of IFIEC Europe Electricity Electricity
PDF 31/10/2008 IFIEC Position Paper on Nuclear Power Electricity Electricity
PDF 21/10/2008 IFIEC Europe comments ERGEG document of October 6th on " Guidelines of Good Practice on Grid Connection and Access Electricity Electricity
PDF 25/06/2008 IFIEC responds to the ERGEG consultation paper on " Draft Guidelines of Good Practice for Operational Security Electricity
PDF 21/05/2008 ETSO consultation on 10.04.08 - Interim report on congestion management - IFIEC Europe' s response Electricity
PDF 08/01/2008 IFIEC Europe's position on the Commission's "Third Package" proposal for legislative measures to improve the internal electricity market Electricity
PDF 04/11/2007 Improving Electricity Supply Security across Europe - Press release Electricity Electricity
PDF 31/10/2007 Position Paper on ERGEG ERI - CEE "Report on Transparency" Electricity Electricity
PDF 12/10/2007 IFIEC Europe responds to ERGEG Consultation on the "ERI Convergence and Coherence Report" Electricity
PDF 29/06/2007 IFIEC responds to the ERGEG Consultation Paper on " Guidelines for Good Practice on Fonctional and Informational Unbundeling Electricity
PDF 28/06/2007 How best to complete the Single European Market for Energy - speech of Mrs Neelie KROES Commisioner for Competetion at the General Assembly of IFIEC Europe Gas & Electricity & Oil
PDF 22/02/2007 Response to the Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament - An Energy Policy for Europe Energy - General Gas & Electricity & Oil
PDF 10/01/2007 IFIEC Europe welcomes the Commission's Energy Policy findings Gas & Electricity & Oil
PDF 06/12/2006 Cross Border Framework for Transmission Network Infrastructure Consultation Electricity Electricity
PDF 09/11/2006 Power failure - press release Electricity
PDF 28/09/2006 Response to the Green Paper " An European Strategy for Sustainable,Competitive and Secure Energy Gas & Electricity & Oil
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 Implementation of the Electricity and Gas Directives – 2005 Report DG TREN by Ana Arana Antelo Events Third Energy Forum Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 EC Sector Enquiry Preliminary Report Gas Markets by Jim Robertson chairman of the WP Oil & Gas Events Third Energy Forum Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 Electricity Inquiry Main DG Competition conclusions by Jean-Paul Aghetti chairman WP Electricity Events Third Energy Forum Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 EU Climate Change Policy – Necessary Review of EU ETS by Annette Loske chairwoman WP Climate Change Events Third Energy Forum (23.02.06) Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 Last exit to get European Energy markets right by MEP Claude Turmes Events Third Energy Forum Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 Sector Inquiry on the gas and electricity markets DG COMP by Dominik Schnichels Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
PDF 08/03/2005 Electricity Market Design – Recommendations for a better balance of market power Electricity
PDF 29/09/2004 Electricity market design analysis Electricity
PDF 25/03/2004 Common Statement IFIEC Europe and Eurelectric " European Industry needs a coherent, stable and realistic Energy Policy " Electricity Electricity
PDF 25/03/2004 Joint Press Release IFIEC Europe Eurelectric " European Industry needs a coherent,stable and realistic Energy Policy " Electricity
PDF 19/03/2003 Completing the Internal Electricity Market with respect to the Common Position adopted by the Council on 3 February 2003 concerning common rules for the Internal Electricity Market Electricity
PDF 14/10/2002 A dynamic toolbox approach to cross-border capacity and congestion management ". Electricity
PDF 12/07/2002 Cross-border allocation and congestion management - basic principles . Electricity
PDF 25/01/2002 Commission proposal for regulation 2001/C240E/12 - " conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges in electricity -the view of the European industrial energy consumer Electricity
PDF 15/10/2001 Completing the Internal Energy Market - The view of the European industrial energy consumers Other documents Electricity
PDF 05/09/2001 European Strategy for Security of Energy Supply - the view of European industrial energy consumers Electricity
PDF 15/02/2001 Towards efficient and non-discriminatory Congestion Management in Electricity Grids Electricity Electricity
PDF 01/12/2000 Competition and Concentration of Power Generators - The Herfindahl-Hirschman Index " Electricity
PDF 17/11/2000 Climate Policy, Competitiveness and the Industrial Energy Consumer Electricity
PDF 11/09/2000 EC Public Hearing on the Liberalisation of the Internal Energy Market Sept 14, 2000 - Position Paper Electricity Market Electricity
PDF 28/03/2000 IFIEC Europe Position on Pricing Principles Electricity
PDF 02/12/1999 IFIEC Europe and the EU Energy Policy Other documents Electricity
PDF 20/09/1999 IFIEC Europe Commentary on the 2nd Harmonisation Report as Issued by the Commission Electricity Electricity
PDF 16/11/1998 Negotiated Agreements - the Industrial Response to Kyoto Electricity
PDF 10/09/1998 Stranded Investments, Cost Recovery Mechanisms and Market Organisation Derogations Electricity Electricity
PDF 15/05/1998 Principles of  Regulation and Dispute Settlement Electricity Electricity
PDF 01/12/1997 A Contribution to the Debate at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Environment Electricity
PDF 21/10/1997 Transmission Criteria- Grid Management Principles & Use-of-System Charges Electricity