PDF 15/02/2024 ACER Consultation on electricity prices coupling algorithm methodology Electricity
PDF 06/02/2024 European Resource Adequacy Assessement 2023 Electricity
PDF 06/02/2024 ACER consultation : Removal of barriers to Electricity Demand Response Electricity
PDF 08/01/2024 NEMOs : consultation on auctioning system Electricity
PDF 04/12/2023 Electricity Market Design (EMD) - statement of the Alliance of the Energy Intensive Industries Electricity
PDF 25/09/2023 ACER Consultation on Demand Connection Electricity
PDF 21/09/2023 ACER Consultation on Network code on Requirement for Generators Electricity
PDF 21/09/2023 ACER Consultation on harmonised Allocation rules proposed by TSOs Electricity
21/09/2023 ACER Consultation on Network code on Requirement for Generators : explanatory memo Electricity
PDF 15/09/2023 ACER Consultation on cross-zonal capacities and electricity trade Electricity
PDF 03/04/2023 Guarantees of Origin for Renewables Electricity
PDF 13/02/2023 Public Consultation: Revision of the EU’s electricity market design Electricity
PDF 13/02/2023 Electricity Market Design: Commission consultation on reform to support a clean and affordable energy transition Electricity
PDF 21/09/2022 IFIEC Europe answer to the CORE CCR - Proposal for 1st amendment of the Methodology for splitting long-term cross-zonal capacity in accordance with Article 16 of FCA Regulation Electricity
PDF 02/08/2022 Public consultation - Framework Guideline on Demand Response Electricity
PDF 20/10/2021 Joint statement: Affordable renewable energy is the lifeblood of the European energy-intensive industries Gas & Electricity & Climate
PDF 10/05/2021 Alliance letter to VP Timmermans on increasing system efficiency in ‘Fit for 55’ Package through active participation of end-users Electricity
PDF 16/12/2020 Contribution to EU Evaluation and Impact Assessment of the F-gas Regulation Electricity
PDF 21/09/2020 Contribution to ACER consultation on Methodology for regional operational security coordination, redispatching and countertrading for the Core capacity calculation region Electricity
PDF 27/07/2020 ACER consultation on the statutory documents of the future EU DSO entity Electricity
PDF 03/06/2020 Contribution to EC consultation on preparing a future EU strategy on energy sector integration Climate & Gas & Electricity
PDF 27/05/2020 Response to ACER consultation on draft methodologies for assessing European resource adequacy, value of lost load, cost of new entry for generation or demand response and reliability standard Electricity
PDF 14/05/2020 Contribution to EC consultation to establish priority list of network codes Electricity
27/04/2020 Comments on EC draft paper on SF6 and alternatives in electrical switchgear and related equipment Electricity
30/01/2020 Response to ENTSO-E consultation on proposal for VoLL, CONE and Reliability Standard Methodology Electricity
13/01/2020 Response to ENTSO-E consultation on Mid-term Adequacy Forecast 2019 Electricity
PDF 23/06/2017 IE_Main suggestions on the Clean Energy Package Efficiency & Electricity
PDF 06/07/2016 IE Comments on The Interim Report of the Sector Inquiry on Capacity Mechanisms Electricity
PDF 30/05/2016 IE_Position on Demand Side Flexibility Electricity
PDF 09/02/2016 IE Response to EC Consultation on Preparation of Renewables Energy Directive II Electricity & Climate
PDF 12/10/2015 IE response to EC Consultation on a New Energy Market Design Electricity
PDF 13/05/2015 IFIEC Europe-press release on website relaunch Gas & Electricity & Climate
PDF 12/06/2014 Energy Forum 2014- WP Electricty – P Claes (IFIEC Europe) Electricity
PDF 05/06/2013 Energy Forum 2013- Electricity Session – P Claes (IFIEC Europe) Electricity Electricity
PDF 05/06/2013 Energy Forum 2013- Electricity Session – I Bernaerts (DG Energy) Electricity Electricity
PDF 05/06/2013 Energy Forum 2013- Electricity Session – J P Jebsen (Norsk Hydro) Electricity Electricity
PDF 29/04/2013 IE Response to EC Consultation on Environmental & Energy Aid Guidelines 2014-2020 Electricity
PDF 20/02/2013 IE response to Commission’s Consultation on Generation Adequacy – Press Release Electricity
PDF 07/02/2013 EC Consultation on Generation Adequacy Electricity
Powerpoint 19/06/2012 Energy Forum - The ENTSO – E experience – presentation by D. DOBBENI ( ENTSO – E ) Electricity Electricity
Powerpoint 19/06/2012 Energy Forum - Capacity mechanisms – presentation by P. CLAES ( IFIEC Europe ) Electricity
PDF 08/05/2012 Title IE Position on Capacity Payments Electricity
PDF 29/02/2012 Electricity Market Coupling response Electricity
Powerpoint 22/11/2011 Electricity Market by P. CLAES chairman of the Working Party Electricity Electricity
PDF 20/09/2011 Electricity Grid Operational Security Electricity Electricity
PDF 16/09/2011 Fundamental Electricity Transparency Electricity
PDF 15/07/2011 CEER power exchange response Electricity Electricity
PDF 10/06/2011 ACER capacity allocation response Electricity
PDF 30/12/2010 Electricity Market Design and Integration Electricity
PDF 10/11/2010 Response to ERGEG's CACM for electricity consultation Electricity Electricity
PDF 28/10/2010 IFIEC Europe & CEFIC response to ERGEG Transparency in Electriciity consult Electricity
PDF 10/09/2010 Response to the ERGEG Smart meter consultation Gas & Electricity
PDF 28/04/2010 Response to the CEER Consultation on Generation Adequacy Treatment Electricity
PDF 25/02/2010 IFIEC Europe response to the ERGEG Ten Year Electricity Network Development Plan Electricity
Powerpoint 14/12/2009 A "target model" on market integration from the perspective of industrial energy consumers - Florence Forum, Rome 10-11.12.09. Presentation by Dr Hans Gruenfeld, President of IFIEC Europe Electricity
Powerpoint 22/09/2009 Energy Forum 2009 - presentation by Mr Daniel DOBBENI President of ENTSO - E Electricity
PDF 30/06/2009 Response to the Draft Guidelines on Electricity Grid Connection and Access ( E08-ENM-09-03 ) Electricity
PDF 16/03/2009 ERGEG Balancing Mechanism response Electricity Electricity
PDF 30/12/2008 Response to the ERGEG Consultation on Implementing the Thirs Energy Package Electricity
PDF 10/11/2008 11 ERGEG ERI Converg final 10 11 08 Electricity
PDF 10/11/2008 IFIEC's response to ERGEG Consultation on Regulation 1228/2003 - Compliance Monitoring Second report, 10 September 2008 Electricity Electricity
PDF 04/11/2008 Address to ENEF III, Bratislava 04.11.08 by Dr Hans Gruenfeld, president of IFIEC Europe Electricity Electricity
PDF 31/10/2008 IFIEC Position Paper on Nuclear Power Electricity Electricity
PDF 21/10/2008 IFIEC Europe comments ERGEG document of October 6th on " Guidelines of Good Practice on Grid Connection and Access Electricity Electricity
PDF 25/06/2008 IFIEC responds to the ERGEG consultation paper on " Draft Guidelines of Good Practice for Operational Security Electricity
PDF 21/05/2008 ETSO consultation on 10.04.08 - Interim report on congestion management - IFIEC Europe' s response Electricity
PDF 08/01/2008 IFIEC Europe's position on the Commission's "Third Package" proposal for legislative measures to improve the internal electricity market Electricity
PDF 04/11/2007 Improving Electricity Supply Security across Europe - Press release Electricity Electricity
PDF 31/10/2007 Position Paper on ERGEG ERI - CEE "Report on Transparency" Electricity Electricity
PDF 12/10/2007 IFIEC Europe responds to ERGEG Consultation on the "ERI Convergence and Coherence Report" Electricity
PDF 29/06/2007 IFIEC responds to the ERGEG Consultation Paper on " Guidelines for Good Practice on Fonctional and Informational Unbundeling Electricity
PDF 28/06/2007 How best to complete the Single European Market for Energy - speech of Mrs Neelie KROES Commisioner for Competetion at the General Assembly of IFIEC Europe Gas & Electricity & Oil
PDF 22/02/2007 Response to the Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament - An Energy Policy for Europe Energy - General Gas & Electricity & Oil
PDF 10/01/2007 IFIEC Europe welcomes the Commission's Energy Policy findings Gas & Electricity & Oil
PDF 06/12/2006 Cross Border Framework for Transmission Network Infrastructure Consultation Electricity Electricity
PDF 09/11/2006 Power failure - press release Electricity
PDF 28/09/2006 Response to the Green Paper " An European Strategy for Sustainable,Competitive and Secure Energy Gas & Electricity & Oil
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 Implementation of the Electricity and Gas Directives – 2005 Report DG TREN by Ana Arana Antelo Events Third Energy Forum Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 Sector Inquiry on the gas and electricity markets DG COMP by Dominik Schnichels Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 Last exit to get European Energy markets right by MEP Claude Turmes Events Third Energy Forum Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 Electricity Inquiry Main DG Competition conclusions by Jean-Paul Aghetti chairman WP Electricity Events Third Energy Forum Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 EC Sector Enquiry Preliminary Report Gas Markets by Jim Robertson chairman of the WP Oil & Gas Events Third Energy Forum Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
Powerpoint 23/02/2006 EU Climate Change Policy – Necessary Review of EU ETS by Annette Loske chairwoman WP Climate Change Events Third Energy Forum (23.02.06) Efficiency & Gas & Electricity & Oil & Climate
PDF 08/03/2005 Electricity Market Design – Recommendations for a better balance of market power Electricity
PDF 29/09/2004 Electricity market design analysis Electricity
PDF 25/03/2004 Joint Press Release IFIEC Europe Eurelectric " European Industry needs a coherent,stable and realistic Energy Policy " Electricity
PDF 25/03/2004 Common Statement IFIEC Europe and Eurelectric " European Industry needs a coherent, stable and realistic Energy Policy " Electricity Electricity
PDF 19/03/2003 Completing the Internal Electricity Market with respect to the Common Position adopted by the Council on 3 February 2003 concerning common rules for the Internal Electricity Market Electricity
PDF 14/10/2002 A dynamic toolbox approach to cross-border capacity and congestion management ". Electricity
PDF 12/07/2002 Cross-border allocation and congestion management - basic principles . Electricity
PDF 25/01/2002 Commission proposal for regulation 2001/C240E/12 - " conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges in electricity -the view of the European industrial energy consumer Electricity
PDF 15/10/2001 Completing the Internal Energy Market - The view of the European industrial energy consumers Other documents Electricity
PDF 05/09/2001 European Strategy for Security of Energy Supply - the view of European industrial energy consumers Electricity
PDF 15/02/2001 Towards efficient and non-discriminatory Congestion Management in Electricity Grids Electricity Electricity
PDF 01/12/2000 Competition and Concentration of Power Generators - The Herfindahl-Hirschman Index " Electricity
PDF 17/11/2000 Climate Policy, Competitiveness and the Industrial Energy Consumer Electricity
PDF 11/09/2000 EC Public Hearing on the Liberalisation of the Internal Energy Market Sept 14, 2000 - Position Paper Electricity Market Electricity
PDF 28/03/2000 IFIEC Europe Position on Pricing Principles Electricity
PDF 02/12/1999 IFIEC Europe and the EU Energy Policy Other documents Electricity
PDF 20/09/1999 IFIEC Europe Commentary on the 2nd Harmonisation Report as Issued by the Commission Electricity Electricity
PDF 16/11/1998 Negotiated Agreements - the Industrial Response to Kyoto Electricity
PDF 10/09/1998 Stranded Investments, Cost Recovery Mechanisms and Market Organisation Derogations Electricity Electricity
PDF 15/05/1998 Principles of  Regulation and Dispute Settlement Electricity Electricity
PDF 01/12/1997 A Contribution to the Debate at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Environment Electricity
PDF 21/10/1997 Transmission Criteria- Grid Management Principles & Use-of-System Charges Electricity